Nuggets _of_ Inspiration

Nuggets of Inspiration


dmcclarin April 25, 2017

Let’s take a journey to the other side. You don’t need to pack a thing—All you need is a willingness to imagine.

Find a quiet spot and make yourself comfortable. Close your eyes and take a deep breath. Take a few moments to think about something you have always wanted or something you have always wanted to do.

Now, see yourself doing what you actually imagined.

How do you feel?

Hopefully, you will see that applying your imagination to your life is refreshing and enlightening. At any time, you can whisk yourself away from reality, see yourself doing something you’ve always dreamed of doing, in a time and place where your life is all you ever imagined.

The beauty in the ability to imagine is that you’re not only able to visualize it, but you have the power to make your imagined real.

Below are three (3) suggestions for you to consider in order to enable your imagination to become your reality:

  1. Imagine without borders
  2. Believe all things are possible
  3. Take the first step

Your imagination is a vehicle that can transport you to a lot of different places—you just need to be willing to go on the ride.

It’s all in how your look at it!

~ Deirdre