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Optional Optimism: The Book

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You have dreams. You have goals.
You have aspirations. And…You have options.

Goals and dreams are meant to be achieved. However, change is often necessary to find the right path to success, and change can be challenging. How do you keep a positive outlook in the face of perceived obstacles?

Deirdre A. McClarin understands this dilemma and shares her inspirational story about finding hope and grace in moments of uncertainty in Optional Optimism: It’s All in How You Look at It. Deirdre believes everyone can choose to pursue their dreams—and everyone deserves to achieve them.

In this moving book, readers are welcomed into Deirdre’s own life story of perseverance and discovering the power of an optimistic outlook. Alongside her memoir readers will get a chance to look inward and better understand their own outlook on life.

With her deep and abiding passion for uplifting others, Deirdre engages readers in thought-provoking exercises to promote optimism in everyday life in order to move forward toward their dreams.

Written with warmth and focused empowerment, Optional Optimism: It’s All in How You Look at It refuses to accept the glass is ever half-empty. When you start changing how you see the world, you begin to see not what is—but what can be.

Optional Optimism: The Journal

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In this supplement to Optional Optimism: It’s All in How You Look at It, author, Deirdre A. McClarin, invites you to expand your reach and journal your journey to your destiny. Deirdre encourages you to take a deeper dive into looking inward, embracing change, and challenging your perspective.

With her passion for encouraging, inspiring, and motivating others, Deirdre’s A Journal for Your Journey continues to infuse her approach to help you move forward toward your dreams.

Highlights include:

  • Reinforcement of key messages.
  • Additional opportunities to engage you in your journey to discover and/or rediscover you, your desires, and ultimately better understand your outlook on life.
  • A practical framework to compare and contrast your mindset—pre-journey versus post-journey.

A Journal for Your Journey is essential to those in search of a different approach to look beyond what is to what can be.