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Deirdre McClarin

At age 19, Deirdre A. McClarin’s life transformed from that of a college student to that of a wife and mother. This life-changing experience helped her reach her current philosophy on living life filled with promise and change, rooted in faith and hope. Despite challenges she has faced, Deirdre’s optimistic outlook has helped fuel her determination to make a change in her life. Optional Optimism: It’s All in How You Look at It—Deirdre’s first book—shares her story and approach to embracing optimism with others. Deirdre is a graduate of Roosevelt University and has worked as a human resources professional for over 25 years. Deirdre has been married to her husband, David, for 38 years and they have two daughters, Stephannie and Ashley, and three grandchildren.

Personally Speaking

Years ago, I set out on a journey to begin life. While my initial route changed, I have always looked forward to what is to come. Looking back has always been the accelerant to my moving forward. I believe when you look forward you look beyond the past, as well as the present to the future. When I started on this journey seven-and-one-half years ago, I had no idea what I would encounter along the way. This journey to write a book was not one I ever envisioned, but it was one I welcomed with great joy. Unlike having my children, I did not have a timeline in which I had to deliver. I did not know when this project would be birthed. I just knew that it was important to get it right, and that time was not of the essence. I believed it was more important to take the time necessary to tell my story straight from the heart. It is my hope that Optional Optimism: It’s All in How You Look at It will encourage you to look beyond what is and realize your dreams, your desires and your aspirations.